Upcoming FREE Essential Oils Classes @ River Massage!

Free Essential Oils Classes ~ Scheduled at YOUR convenience! 

Wondering about Essential Oils?  My family and I  have been fascinated with the incredible healing & wellness properties these oils have added to our daily lives!  This is exactly why I have committed to using only doTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in all of my massage services.

I LOVE teaching what I’ve learned about Essential Oils!  I love sharing the oils so you can experience ~ firsthand ~ the power of these natural “Gifts of the Earth”.   (doTERRA means, Gifts of the Earth in Latin.)

“Essential oils have the power to impact an individual’s personal health and well-being.  Many of us have witnessed some amazing, life changing oil experiences.  Their power is very real. It is especially gratifying when a closed mind becomes open with an essential oil experience.”   Tonya McBride, RN Teresa Sturges, RN at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (excerpt from article  ©2013 aromaticscience.com®)

I am committed to using doTERRA’s® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essentail oils in massage treatments.  I continue to learn and I am so excited to share my growing knowledge of Essential Oils and the health benefits of integrating the oils into  our daily lives to help us achieve our highest level of wellness. Massages are essential for relaxation and with the best massage chairs shown in this article you will be able to take the relaxation feeling home. Discover the range of classroom chairs in Zew Zealand, you can find the right one for your needs.

I offer free Essential Oils classes. You may schedule your own class for you and your friends conveniently on line!  Or, feel free to call me to set up a class and to be put on my email list to keep you posted of ongoing Essetial Oils events.

  Set aside an evening to come and learn more about this natural, healing approach to health, happiness and wellness for you and your family!






dōTERRA® Essential Oils


Kathy is now committed to using only 100%   (yes. . . 100% pure!)  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils in her massage and armatherapy services. 

In addition to experiencing these remarkable oils in your massage,  dōTERRA® Essensial Oils are available for purchase through River Massage.  Free classes to introduce you to the health & healing benefits of Essential Oils in your everyday world are available in the relaxing atmosphere of our Studio on 3rd or in your home.  Individual & Group classes available!

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Cold Smoke / Hot Stones

River Massage Of Missoula introduces a Match-Made-in-Heaven! Missoula doesn’t get any better than this!

Schedule a 60-minute Hot Stone Massage, receive a complimentary Cold Smoke Scotch Ale AND a voucher for a free pint at either of Missoula’s Kettlehouse locations!